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Derek Pigrum - "In-finitum"

Vernissage und Eröffnung
15. Oktober 2015, 18:00 Uhr

Dauer der Ausstellung:
Oktober 2015 - Februar 2016

"In-finitum" Öl und Acrylmalerei

In-finitum speaks of the infinite, of creating the void of potential space, a space without limits. It is in this space that I paint, not as an expression of self or identity, but a submersion in making in which the body and mind are one. A body and mind now tense, now relaxed, now tunneling into the mounds of paint on my palette, now walking back to view what has appeared. Then scratching, scraping, erasing, marking in an elastic rhythm, backwards and forwards until something appears that is unexpected and which intensifies and magnifies a receptiveness that enables me to go on until closure is achieved.

Half of the sale of all art work exhibited will be donated to one of the organizations set up to help the Syrian refugees.

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